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Any one of a number of grades of employment within a library or library system, reflecting the qualifications, experience, skill, and length of tenure of the person occupying the position to which the rank applies, usually associated with a given rate or range of compensation.

In academic libraries at institutions that grant faculty status to librarians, the ranks are usually : promotion.

In the United States, the standard minimum aisle width in new and renovated facilities is 36 inches.

Some kinds of compact shelving allow the distance between ranges to be adjusted as needed.

On some bindings, raised bands were made more prominent by the leather on either side, as the covering material was applied.A famous example is the broadcast by Orson Welles of the H. Wells story on CBS on October 30, 1938, which caused panic among listeners who accepted it as fact.Click here to see a pair of Sherlock Homes radio plays by Anthony Boucher (pseudonym of William Anthony Parker White), a writer and a critic of science fiction and mystery fiction (Lilly Library, Indiana University).In this example, the single-thong sewing supports beneath the raised bands are exposed (Princeton University Library).When faked on a decorative binding, raised ridges are called false bands. A group of high-speed memory chips that perform most of the processing in a computer, allowing users to access bytes of data in any order, rather than sequentially.

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