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Brandi: Das spielte eine grosse Rolle fr mich und meine Musik!TV, Filme und Werbung haben in den USA die Rolle des Radios bernommen.What's striking about the album is how well Old Crow Medicine Show's bluegrass treatment of "My Song" fits next to Jim James' psychedelic "Wasted," or how the dark murmur of Torres' "Until I Die" gets resolved by Margo Price's stark "Downpour." This reveals the strength and elasticity of Carlile's songs, and if this record helps raise awareness of her talent in addition to funds for War Child, it will be worthwhile indeed.The evening started with the thunderclap ambience of "The Stranger at My Door," a strumming, martial song perfect for her high, keening voice and the harmonies of brothers Tim and Phil Hanseroth.

Expansively is how Carlile and her bandmates plied their trade, whether on the intimate country ramble of Led Zeppelin's "Going to California" or her own shimmy-shaking "Wherever Is Your Heart." Pastoral piano lines and folksy guitars touched on the weather-beaten "Hard Way Home" and the emotional hurricane of "The Eye," both of which she sang with a voice earnest and trembling.

10.3: Gavin De Graw After canceling his September performances due to an undisclosed personal family matter, the singer/songwriter continues...

Top performers coming to San Diego this month include Coldplay , Janet Jackson , Luke Bryan , A$AP Mob and Arcade Fire .

It's not that Carlile is an unknown -- her 2007 sophomore set The Story went gold, and both 2012's Bear Creek and 2015's The Firewatcher's Daughter reached the Billboard Top 10 -- but she's not as popular as perhaps she could be, and certainly her fame is eclipsed by some of her fans, as this 14-track tribute to The Story proves.

While there are some Americana peers of Carlile's here -- the Indigo Girls appeared on Carlile's version of "Cannonball" and she's produced music by the Secret Sisters -- they're overshadowed by the superstars Dolly Parton, Kris Kristofferson, Pearl Jam, and Adele.

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