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However, the advent of the Internet in the 1980s dramatically changed the scale and nature of the child pornography problem, and has required new approaches to investigation and control. “Revisiting the Use of Pornography by Sexual Offenders: Implications for Theory and Practice.” The Journal of Sexual Aggression –77.

Internet child pornography is unlike most crimes local police departments handle.

Images were usually locally produced, of poor quality, expensive, and difficult to obtain.

The relaxation of censorship standards in the 1960s led to an increase in the availability of child pornography, and, by 1977, some 250 child pornography magazines were circulating in the United States, many imported from Europe.[2]Despite concern about the extent of child pornography, law enforcement agencies had considerable success in stemming the trafficking of these traditional hard-copy forms. “The Need for Regulating Anonymous Remailers.” International Review of Law, Computers & Technology 14(1):79–88.

However, more commonly, amateurs make records of their own sexual abuse exploits, particularly now that electronic recording devices such as digital cameras and web cams permit individuals to create high quality, homemade images.[12]With the advent of multimedia messaging (MMR) mobile phones, clandestine photography of children in public areas is becoming an increasing problem. “Child Pornography and Child Nudity: Why and How States May Constitutionally Regulate the Production, Possession, and Distribution of Nude Visual Depictions of Children.” Temple Law Review 9–636.[Full Text] Jenkins, P. Beyond Tolerance: Child Pornography on the Internet.

Therefore, most of the major investigations of Internet child pornography have involved cooperation among jurisdictions, often at an international level.

Alternatively, they may receive information from other jurisdictions about offenders in their districts. “Pedophiles on the Internet: Law Enforcement Investigates Abuse.” Law and Order 47(5):74–78.[Full Text] Linz, D., and D.

Because of the increasing use of computers in society, most police departments are likely to encounter Internet child pornography crimes. “A Structural and Content-Based Analysis for Web Filtering.” Internet Research: Electronic Networking Applications and Policy 13(1):27–37.

In some cases, the same people are involved in each stage. “Internet Addiction Order.” Interpersonal Computing and Technology 6:1–2.

However, some producers and/or distributors of child pornography are motivated solely by financial gain and are not themselves sexually attracted to children. Collectors place a premium on new child pornography material.

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