Chat rooms for adult with bipolar

After an episode of domestic violence (she hit my mom and previously she had hit her husband,)she lost custody of her children. Do your best not to argue with her about how she sees things, that will only worsen the already tense situation and create even more of a power struggle.

She hates us because she blames us for taking her children away. See if you can have a conversation with her to find common ground, about how she would like her life to be, how she would like things to change.

Denial and disapproval will only worsen the situation.

Family support (and by family, I mean a biological family or a chosen one) is vital to recovery. The burden of dealing with a chronic and severe illness within a family is an enormous stress and the feelings that arise, conflicting.

Over-extending yourself will only cause further problems in the long run. She has cut she hits herself when upset and i have teven taken a few good beatings from her.

The willingness to come to come together as a unit, accept the diagnosis, look for help, go beyond criticism, blame and judgement will not guarantee recovery, but it makes it far more likely.

No matter how much you love someone, it cannot save them. Prior to her leaving we were great better then we were for 4 years due to some couples council Ling, her Celexa medication and her domestic violance course she took.

• Offering objectivity, compassion and acceptance is valuable beyond measure. I desperately need to get her to see a doctor for her mental illness. Since she has left she was sleeping around, she is doing drugs and is always drinking.

She is threatening me with taking me to court and take my family away. Then see if you can engage her in some problem solving - this way it's not about saying she has a mental illness, but the solutions might be indirect ways to address mental health issues she having and ways for her to reach out for help or take actions that improve her life that doesn't feel like she's admitting she has a problem.

She accused her husband of abusing her, which is absolutely not true. I have my own values and morals that I hold high and would never stray from. This post might also help you: https:// It talks about a phenomenon called anagnosia (lack of insight) and what to do about it.

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