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What do you do if the only resource you need is money?

When these occur, grab them, move with them and price to profit immediately, fairly and positively.

This is the basis of acquiring money as a resource anytime, anyplace, anywhere right now.

Remember, desperate for money does not mean – give it away for nearly nothing or in the business model, it will undercut its chances of success for you. You can do this any way you want – but here are some suggestions: Rather than running out and paying out lots of money that you don’t have – network, ask, approach and be creative.

Keep focused on “opportunities” and move on them as you find them.

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Art shows and convention vendors can be found online at the website for the show – call them.Make a list of the nearest holidays, festivals, conventions, gatherings, bike races, themed events, car rallies, motorcycle runs, races, news events and fund-raisers that are already scheduled to happen.Make a list of businesses / services you can offer that require no money to get them started (even if they require some tools you could borrow or buy).Some shipping companies are turning to private security for help. *** See the latest statistics on piracy from the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Maritime Bureau.

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