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Beyond the expiration date, nutrient potency may gradually decline.

As such, we recommend consuming products before the printed expiration date.

When discussing the shelf life of a supplement, it is really the potency that is the primary concern, not ingredient spoiling or becoming toxic.

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We know this thanks to a study carried out some years ago by the FDA at the request of the Department of Defense, which maintains enormous stores of drugs of all kinds for use by the military.This happens because the flavouring system is usually the first component that degrades.Therefore, if you find that a tub of chocolate-flavoured whey, for instance, is no longer palatable, you can throw it out, but that does not mean it is bad for your health in any way.It is not necessarily indicative of the true shelf life of the product.As such, expiration dates on supplements merely indicate the last day the manufacturer can guarantee a product will be at its highest level of potency as the vast majority of ingredients in supplements degrade and decompose gradually over time.

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