Persona 3 dating yuko

Nana sighed and stretched, her stomach coated with the last offering from Tim.His two previous loads were percolating inside her steamy cunt, waiting for Jill's tongue to ferret them out and swallow every salty drop.Synopsis: In this sequel to "Jill's Wild Weekend", Tim has a parting of the ways with those family members responsible for mistreating his soon to be ex-wife. " Look, I'm the one that owns her, and yet I'm the one that gets to use her the least.This results in some radical realignments in relationships, attitudes and sexuality. Between your brothers, Nana, Angela, the outcall S&M service, you and your freaky friends, Wilson, Eileen, Heidi, not to mention Al and my dumb brother, there never seems to be any time for me to do my thing.All it boiled down to was less time for my recreational needs.Not only that, but based on the kind of treatment those melons are getting, she'll need some major repair work, or worse still, another boob job inside of 6 months." Randi smirked and said, " Let's face it dad, those tits are too much of a good thing, and everyone knows it except you." Tim shook his head and asked " What was her crime this time?

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Even I know that it's not her fault." " Tell that to Nana, she's really pissed off, if you'll pardon the pun." his son answered. " Nana stopped in mid-swing and looked over to Tim. How do you expect to get any oomph into those blows when you just stand there flat-footed and whack away at her like that.

Her panties revealed that Nana was living the good life.

The waistband was under siege and a few additional pounds had breached the top of her briefs.

Nana had made sure that Jill sucked every drop of piss from both the old sheets and the mattress before taking her downstairs for punishment.

Tim couldn't resist giving Jill one more slow cycle through the frigid water of the tank.

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