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For that the Windows Forms Data Grid can still be used in Framework 4.

Load Data Row(New Object() , True) 'above only to build a sample datatable dt.

Microsoft has not direct from the box a newer Data Grid that can show relational datatables in one Grid. After draging a Datagrid on the form , pasting in this code below and changing in the code below the Server name for yours. In one of our applications we connect a database as a data source directly to a datagridview in VB. Using this technique it is possible for our users to edit the data directly in the cell. For some of the cells, however, the value should be chosen from a number of fixed values. What we want is that in the data grid view for that cell a combo box is presented so the user must select a value from a set of fixed values. It is important that the performance remains good, as it is a database with many records!Since you are directly binding the data grid to data source, you will have to Set auto-generate columns to false for the datagridview and add the columns manually.Set data bound property of the column to the column name so that it gets bound to field in the data source.While adding columns manually, for the column that needs to be a combo box, add the column of type Data Grid View Combo Box Column Hello Karrtik, Thank you for your answer.

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