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This has never really worked out that well in any movie.

This movie does feature some interesting ideas in it and it can somewhat be seen as a modern retelling and take on the Dracula story, with of course a less serious approach to it all.

Zora (Italian: Zora la Vampira) is an Italian comic book erotic character from the 1970s.

Zora la Vampira ("Zora the vampiress") is one of many such characters from the Italian fumetti tradition.

It's a sort of new wave of film-making, that happens all across Europe, that gets aimed completely toward the younger generations.

The acting is quite poor in parts and it seems to me that most of the cast consists out of non-professional actors but the movie does still feature some good and likable characters in it, so the acting really is no big complaint, since the characters still work out well enough.

In the cast literally shines Lele Vannoli as the vampire's servant, Ivo Garrani playing the role of the mad priest works well, and the rappers Chef Ragoo and GMax work well as a kind of nowadays Abbott and Costello.Ma ciò che trova nel Bel Paese non corrisponde alle aspettative : dall'avito castello è costretto a vivere in un garage fuori Roma, come un qualsiasi extra-comunitario.Essendo costretto ad uscire di notte, trova tutto chiuso, eccetto un Centro Sociale, pieno di rapper e gruppi politici.The character's real name is Zora Pabst: she is shown to be an aristocrat of the 19th century, possessed by the spirit of Dracula so that she became a servant to her lust and blood-lust.Her adventures are a mixture of horror, eroticism, and pornography.

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